Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting! (with MEME's!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So, I love Meme's and I love successful IEP meetings, so why not blend the two together?

(That's for my Office fans!)
Prep for the Meeting

Communicate with the parents- This should be a given right? We’ll you’d be surprised. My advice is to always ask for parent input in each are before even writing the IEP. I've never heard a parent complain that they had too much input into their child's IEP. Once you have a draft copy, send it home for the parent to look over, at least 1 week before the IEP meeting. About 2 days before the meeting, call the family and ask if they have any concerns about the goals. Nine times out of ten, you will get a BIG FAT NO. Whoop whoop, on to the meeting for you. IF they express concerns, try to clear up any of those before the meeting. If their concerns deal with a part of the IEP that you feel you cannot agree with them on, or it needs to be a team decision, then, take note, and bring it up at the meeting.

Convene the School Staff in Advance

School members can meet before the IEP to talk about any changes or concerns they may have before the meeting without the parent. Be careful though, to not predetermine anything that requires IEP team decisions. Sped law says that you can have informal, unscheduled, or conversations on issues like teaching methods, lesson planning,  or service coordination without the parent.

Organize your Data

Be a Data Nerd. Collect, collect, collect it. A wise man once said, “You can never have enough data.” ha-ha, I don’t exactly know who that wise man was, but I bet he worked in special ed!  If the parent’s indicate a concern like the student made no progress in Math and in your head you are like….No way, My data says, nope.  Make a line graph. Plot that data. A graph can show visual people what all your data here and there and on this and that page, and on this observation, and anecdotal record, and informal assessment, can’t.

B2S Survival Kit

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello Monday! Nice to See you again!
Last week half of the classes I supervise started back to school. Today, the rest start back!

I love back to school time. It's a chance for new starts, fall is coming, and so is football! ;) I also love the excitement in the air! Everyone is excited!

This is what I typically look like at the beginning of the week...

Yay! Whoo!

By the end of the week, it is quite the different story....

Preparing for a Substitute in the Special Education Classroom

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I hate being absent. I’m one of those teachers who will show up with the flu and try to teach, only to be sent home as soon as the principal sees me. It’s not that I don’t want to take care of myself, because, I do. I just have a problem with letting go and letting someone else step in for me when I can’t be there for my students. I worry that the teacher won’t know that Student x will have a melt down if you touch him on the back, and student H needs a side hug and some dry cereal in the morning or he will have a bad day, because he usually sends himself to school because Mom and Dad are already at work.
My heart hurts when I leave them. I even have Parapros who are present who can tell my Sub what they need to know, and I STILL struggle with letting go!
During my second year, I finally figure out the right combination to help my sub and help me! Most teachers leave sub lesson plans for the day. I have a sub binder! No, seriously, it’s a binder. I chalk it up to all the special information that my sub needs to know about my kiddos, and also, I’m a BIT long winded. Haha.

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